Visionary art.

by sonya galbraith.

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about the artist


Sarandei also known as Sonya Galbraith first drew a fully formed horse at 4 years of age which certainly drew the attention of her kindergarten teachers ~ and her parents.. going on to painting with oils at age 9, Sarandei’s work from childhood varied from classical nature to comical and certainly varied. At this time of writing, all of her childhood artwork and written material remain elusive.



Sarandei’s work “cannot be genre’d”. A talented pencil portrait of horse or human to abstract symbolism in mixed media, surreal scapes to heady colour hits of energetic pieces, fun and quirky poster style to natural sketches and intuitive logo design. Often with oil, soft and wax pastel, acrylic, gouache, lead and coloured pencils, oils on canvas, watercolour and brush and ink creating into pieces both classical and with great flair, hand drawn freestyle logos, signwriting, upcycled furniture and murals



Interested in philosophy and world affairs from a young age, Sarandei has mainly lived quite “on the fringes” with extraordinary diverse life experiences, and in 1997 created Etheric Art, exhibiting only on 3 occasions before other business ventures and motherhood took first place for some time



With various experiences living basically as a hermit, Art and inclusive of her own crystal and Sterling silver jewellery creations, Sarandei concluded a 22 year journey with universal energetics earning her Reiki Master’s title and once again the artwork flowed meaningfully. In 2020 almost 50 artworks were catalogued, framed and ready for exhibition. Now in 2022 Sarandei is also a fully accredited Master NLP practitioner and personal coach. This website is a showcase of Sarandei’s collection to date


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